Electric cryotherapy chamber

Cryotherapy machine

Take advantage of the ever-growing popularity of whole-body cryotherapy. This cold application is not only wanted by celebrities and athletes anymore, but also becoming more and more popular among the masses.

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Not every whole-body cryo chamber is as efficient and sophisticated as the Art of Cryo. In comparison to nitrogen cryo chambers, Art of Cryo has several decisive advantages. As a result, our electrical cryo chamber achieves significantly better results: Extreme temperatures, safe use, and an innovative app.

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Art of Cryo

Set yourself apart from the competition and acquire new customers.
Custom-made Size, color, and design can be adapted to your needs.
Purely electric, Art of Cryo is extremely safe a cooling process that renounces nitrogen .
Wide application range More and more industries discover Cryotherapy for themselves.

Electric whole body cryotherapy

Art of Cryo – Innovative & electric cryotherapy machine – designed to offer your customers and patients the maximum benefit of cryotherapy. Art of Cryo is 100% electric: It cools down to -166°F completely without nitrogen.

This electric cryotherapy machine offers you and your customers a wide range of applications and is customized to fit perfectly to your facility –size, color, and design can be adapted to your personal needs.

Decreases Recovery Time
Improves Performance
No Gas Issues
Completely Customizable

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The industries
using cryotherapy

Cryotherapy for gym

Sports & Fitness

  • Gyms & Fitness studios
  • Performance sports centers
  • Sports clubs

cryotherapy chamber physical therapy


  • Physics and occupational therapy
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Pain centers
  • Hospitals

Cryotherapy products


  • Thermal baths / spas
  • Beauty salons
  • Wellness hotels
  • Tanning salons
  • Saunas

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Art of Cryo can impact your business?

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Art of Cryo – for a safe treatment

Even though applications with cold have been known since ancient times, whole-body cryotherapy has only recently become a trend. The reason for its kickstart success today are numerous studies that confirm its positive effects and multiple application areas that profit from its benefits.

Since the Art of Cryo chamber does not work with nitrogen, but with cooled ambient air, there is absolutely no risk of getting in contact with any toxic gases – because we want to offer our customers a unique and safe cryo experience.

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What is whole body cryotherapy?

WBC is defined as a short-term application of extreme cold on the entire body surface. It is a brief, passive physical therapy with systemic effects that takes place in a cryo chamber. The freezing temperatures of as low as -110°C (-166°F) in the cryo chamber impact the outside of our body as well as the inside. This is due to the fact that the cold air is not only applied to our skin, but also breathed in, which can lead to a stimulation of the brain, the organs, and the nervous system.

  • What it’s used for:
  • Health
  • Treatment
  • Wellness
  • Beauty
  • Fitness
  • Sport

How Cryotherapy effects the human body and your Business

Growing popularity

Every day a growing number of athletes and celebrities around the world are discovering – and relying on – cryotherapy. Extreme cold temperatures down to -110°C (-166°F) are neither painful nor unpleasant, but rather enjoyable and a unique experience for everyone.

Expand your business

With this innovative Art of Cryo chamber you can expand your business and range of applications – of course, we offer special cryotherapy training courses for you and your employees.

Get your individual Art of Cryo

Art of Cryo is customizable and can be adapted to your needs – size, color, and design can be chosen as needed.

Electric cryotherapy chamber

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