the future

of light therapy

In an era where wellness technology is evolving at a rapid pace, Cryo Relief stands at the forefront, offering a groundbreak. These FDA-registered beds are not just a leap into the future of wellness; they are a testament to how far we have come in understanding the body’s innate potential for healing and optimization.

Elite and Ultra Spectrum: The Pinnacle of Light Therapy

At Cryo Relief, we proudly offer two premier models of Light Therapy Beds: the Elite Spectrum and the Ultra Spectrum. Both models are meticulously engineered with unparalleled precision, featuring durable ABS plastics and aviation aluminum alloy for longevity and an intelligent control system that empowers users to manually create customized wavelengths tailored to their specific wellness needs. Whether you opt for the Ultra Spectrum, with its full-body horizontal layout designed for maximum comfort, or the Elite Spectrum, known for its robust versatility and comprehensive coverage, you are guaranteed a service that stands at the pinnacle of wellness technology, providing an unmatched experience in personal health optimization and therapeutic efficacy.

Treatments for Comprehensive Well-being

Each Light Therapy Bed at Cryo Relief comes equipped with six pre-set medical-based protocols, meticulously designed to ensure that your treatment is perfectly aligned with your wellness goals. From reducing fatigue, treating depression, and improving cardiovascular health, to enhancing cellular regeneration, smoothing skin, and boosting immunity, these protocols offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to health. The innovative design also includes the ability to manually create customized wavelengths, allowing for a highly personalized experience tailored to your specific needs. This unique feature ensures that every session is not only beneficial but uniquely crafted to address your health objectives, making each visit to Cryo Relief a step towards optimal wellness and vitality. With this level of customization, you can truly feel that your treatment is tailored specifically to you, providing a more effective and satisfying therapy session.

Integrating Cryotherapy for Enhanced Results

Cryotherapy, renowned for its vast array of benefits such as reduced inflammation, accelerated recovery, enhanced immune function, and pain relief, synergizes with light therapy in a harmonious fusion of wellness technologies at Cryo Relief. This integration significantly enhances the efficacy of treatments, offering a comprehensive, multifaceted approach to wellness that effectively leverages the unique strengths of both cryotherapy and light therapy. At Cryo Relief, our commitment extends beyond just meeting specific health and aesthetic goals; we strive to foster a holistic sense of well-being and vitality among our clients. By combining these powerful therapies, we can address a wide range of health concerns, from muscle and joint pain to skin conditions and stress, ensuring that every visit is a step toward achieving a balanced and healthier lifestyle. This dedication to comprehensive care underscores our mission to revolutionize wellness practices, making Cryo Relief a pioneer in the integration of advanced therapeutic technologies.


  • Horizontal full body bed
  • ABS plastics + aviation aluminum alloy
  • Intelligent control system
  • Manually create customized wavelengths
  • 7’L X 3.5W x 3’H
  • 550 lbs
  • Surround sound system – Bluetooth
  • Wavelength 450nm:525nm:590nm
  • 660nm:940nm
  • LED Quantity – 26,040pcs LED
  • Total Power – 3,3325W
  • LED Lifetime – 100,000 Hours
  • Frequency 0 1-10,000Hz
  • 30 amp 220V dedicated line

Includes Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, & IR Light


  • ABS plastics + aviation aluminum alloy
  • Intelligent control system
  • Manually create customized wavelengths
  • 7.5’L X 4W x 3.5’H
  • 950 lbs
  • Wavelength 450nm:525nm:590nm
  • 660nm:810nm:940nm
  • LED Quantity – 41,600pcs LED
  • Total Power – 6,500W
  • LED Lifetime – 100,000 Hours
  • Frequency 1-10,000Hz
  • 40 amp 220V dedicated line

Includes Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, & IR Light

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