Using Cryotherapy to Address Specific Problems

Cryotherapy to Address Specific Problems

Cryotherapy is a process that applies extremely cold temperatures to parts of the body in an effort to stimulate the natural healing and recovery systems without the use of medications or chemicals. Cryotherapy applied to specific body parts is referred to as local cryotherapy. Whole body cryotherapy encompasses the entire body.

This series of articles will discuss some of the specific medical issues that can be addressed with cryotherapy.


Migraines are often treated using local cryotherapy targeting the nerves in the neck. Numbing the nerves and cooling the carotid arteries helps cool the blood passing through those areas, which can result in the reduction and/or elimination of migraine pain.



Arthritis is a condition that can be addressed using either local cryotherapy or whole body cryotherapy. An electric cryotherapy chamber is the preferred solution for individuals with severe arthritis affecting more than one area of the body. When targeting a specific area, a local cryotherapy machine may be used to numb, cool, and offer significant pain relief.


Skin Conditions

Inflammatory skin diseases, especially those that cause dry and/or itchy skin, can be relieved thanks to the inflammation reduction and improved antioxidant levels that can be achieved through the use of either a local cryotherapy machine or a whole body cryotherapy machine such as an electric cryotherapy chamber.

Our next article will discuss more medical issues that can be effectively treated with cryotherapy.

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