Medical Issues That Can Be Treated with Cryotherapy

Medical Issues That Can Be Treated with Cryotherapy

We are continuing our series of articles discussing some of the different types of medical issues that can be treated using local cryotherapy and/or whole body cryotherapy products. Our previous article explored how cryotherapy can alleviate the pain caused by migraines and arthritis. We also touched on how cryotherapy products can help with some inflammatory skin conditions. Today, we will cover more medical problems that can be addressed and treated with cryotherapy.


A local cryotherapy machine can be used to treat some types of low-risk tumors. It works by freezing and destroying cancer cells and abnormal tissue.

Anxiety and Depression

Whole body cryotherapy using an electric cryotherapy chamber can release hormones that positively affect our mental health, including endorphins, noradrenaline, and adrenaline.

Numbing Effect on Nerves

Nerve irritation can be extremely painful. Local cryotherapy can be effective in treating pinched nerves, acute injuries, and even chronic pain caused by nerve conditions.

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