How Can I Prepare My Clients for a Cryotherapy Weight Loss Session

Cryotherapy Weight Loss Session

Cryotherapy products for weight loss are becoming more and more popular as consumers begin to understand how cryotherapy can help them slim down and feel better overall. Today, we will discuss some tips on preparing your clients for a cryotherapy weight loss session.

Understand Their Overall Health

Before beginning any type of cryotherapy machine treatment, it is important to have your clients consult with their physician to ensure they are in good health in general and that they have no underlying risks that could be exacerbated. You should also review all medications or supplements your clients are currently taking to assess whether or not any could interact with their weight loss cryotherapy sessions.

Drink Plenty of Water

It’s also essential for clients to drink plenty of water before each session in order to avoid dehydration caused by exposure to extreme temperatures during cryotherapy treatments.

Be Comfortable

Encourage your clients to wear comfortable clothing such as shorts or leggings that will not inhibit movement during their sessions so they can get the most out of each appointment.

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